Proper websites, done properly

Hello! I make beautiful, accessible, inclusive websites that perform brilliantly. Whether you need a simple one-page brochure site, a site you can update yourself, a multi-lingual website or even a fully-fledged e-commerce solution - I can help.

I have worked with (and for!)

  • Channel 4
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • BT
  • BBC
  • National Trust for Scotland
  • The University of Sheffield
  • Plusnet
  • European Lung Foundation
  • Computacenter

Any many more too, from small to large companies, charities too! Maybe even you?

Everything I build is bespoke - tailored just to you and hand-coded by me. I’ve been around long enough, worked on some crazy enough stuff, and worked with some big enough names to confidently say I can make you something brilliant.

What about GDPR? Sure, I can help with that. Accessible for blind users? Yep, I can help with that. Works great on phone and tablet. Definitely, I can help with that too.

I can help you with

  • super-fast and reliable websites
  • websites you can update yourself
  • selling things on the Internet
  • making sure your site meets legal requirements
  • checking your current site for problems
  • planning, researching and organising content and design to make your new site as useful as possible
  • multi-language content
  • email and newsletter templates
  • making your company look great

Get in touch

You're currently looking at a 2-3 week wait time to start your project. Get in touch and let's get things moving!

Let's eat pizza or cheeseburgers and make wonderful websites together!

Are you looking for a freelancer?

Are you an agency or business needing some super front end work doing, but can't get it done in-house? Are you so busy you're turning work away? Well, fret not. I can help.

Drop me a line and let's have a chat. We can discuss boring things like day rates and project estimates and then we can crack on and get some beautiful work produced.

I've been working on...

Footnote [1] Wondering what Interaction Design is? Ever heard industry buzz words like UX, UXD, UI, IA, UR and probably others too? They're all part of a group of skills that focus on working out what, where and how to display 'stuff' in any given web page, app, or smart toaster menu system. It's all the really hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure what you end up with is really easy to use for the broadest possible audience. Back to footnote reference Footnote [2] Programming languages I can work in: HTML5, XHTML, vanilla Javascript (including ES6 and newer syntax additions), React, CSS, SCSS, LESS, PostCSS, Twig, Liquid, Handlebars, Nunjucks, a little PHP, Smarty templates, YAML/YML, Markdown, JSON. If you're stuck with some old stuff, I can also work with jQuery - and convert it to something more modern for you in the process! Back to footnote reference Footnote [3] All links in this group open in a new window or tab. Content Management Systems, static site generators and e-commerce solututions I can work with: MODX, Grav, Drupal, Wordpress, Jekyll, Metalsmith, Kirby, Hugo, Shopify. This list isn't exhaustive, and I'm always looking for the Next Best Thing™ to work with. Back to footnote reference Footnote [4] Did you know that if you're a business or public sector body, it’s a legal requirement to ensure your site is accessible? Sound scary? It’s not, but it could be if you don’t do anything about it! You can have legal claims brought against you if you do not meet the minimum requirements - even Beyoncé (This link opens in a new window or tab) isn't immune. All websites should be built to work for everyone. Luckily for you, I’m pretty good at that sort of malarkey too. Everything I build is done with accessibility in mind. Back to footnote reference